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Xpect More®  is more than a catchy slogan, in practice it looks like this:

 •  Complete and accurate contracts that are clear and simple to understand what is expected from Cap X Construction
 •  A clear outline of our work process, who is running your project and how to contact us if something is not right
 •  Meaningful daily/week/monthly reports to meet your needs, designed with the client's input
 •  Defined and well run operation meetings on your schedule and needs
 •  Detailed schedules that allow you to measure our progress with updates that allow you to anticipate issues and changes
 •  Cap X notifying your residents or tenants of work to be done. We draft those communiqués for you to send to your clients.
•  Defined payment schedules and budget tracking to ensure the monetary guidelines are met.

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  • Multifamily Investment
  • Retail/Restaurant
  • Commercial Office
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial Warehouse/Storage




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Cap X Construction

Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about CAP X Construction Services, LLC. While you have many choices for companies vying to do your capital construction and renovation work, the ability, experience, commitment, and quality of services sold can vary greatly between all of these competing companies.

Cap X Construction Services is a company built on years of experience doing all types of interior, exterior and renovation construction work. CAP X has senior staff that has over 30 years of experience managing the profit and loss for income producing assets. We have the unique position of having sat on both sides of the desk both buying these services, and delivering them. We approach this business as an owner does. We have experienced companies that don’t deliver what they sold. We know the trials and frustrations of “over promised, under delivered”. That was a driving force in the creation of CAP X Construction Services. That’s why our company approach is “Xpect More®!”  We want you to expect more from us from the moment we bid your project to the day we deliver our warranty on the completed work.

Your satisfaction with the products we provide, the processes we use, the information we deliver, the value you perceive and your ultimate satisfaction are our metrics for measuring our success.

We look forward to partnering with you on your next project and  showing you the CAP X Construction Services difference. 


Your vision. Our passion. Nationally.

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“The quality of this exterior paint job is what you would see on a single family home, not 432 units.

Sherwin Williams – Account Executive

“This is the best roofing job I may have ever seen. The process, the cleanliness, and the product are exceptional.”

Arvada, Colorado – Roof Customer


CAP X Construction Services is an active supplier partner in the business associations of our clients. We strongly support and attend industry events in all sectors we serve. Our staff is frequently involved in lobbying at local, state and national levels for our client’s interests.

There is nothing revolutionary in the above list of actions. But experienced real estate professionals know these basics activities are often not delivered well, if even considered. Construction projects face challenges at many levels, some controllable, others not. It’s how your construction services company handles these challenges, and communicates during that process, that makes the difference and delivers your desired results. We expect you to Xpect More®. Actions, not words and promises, define success.